Are you for real????

So, I am working on my MBA, and I had to do some work on Ukraine and the idea of the three spheres of human civilization.  This is how Ukraine separated themselves from Russia, and blah, blah, blah.  But somehow amongst some of the readings led me to something my brother and I discussed earlier this week.  We were talking about the Illumanti and how every president was related somewhere along the way.  Well the issue came up again as I was writing on the aforementioned topic.  I find it odd that the bloodlines of all or almost all the presidents can be traced by to one lineage.  Its like wow.  And if you do some reading on the subject, you will even find that the majority of presidential races, are ran by siblings.  Isn’t that odd?  I believe it is, but I am not going to spend hours upon hours trying to get the truth.  I say, who cares, so we have been led by King Henry or whoever it was for the last several hundred years.  Oh Mr. Puppet-master, it must be a tough job to handle.

On another note, if you are a veteran, make sure you enlist the help of a Veterans Rep when submitting for disability.  If you don’t it just means more time you will have to wait.  I have been waiting a year.  And, I am not to sure much has been done other than me turing everything I have on me, three different times.  So go to your local DAV or something to that effect and get them to do all the submitting of info.  That is all, very well.


Getting my blog on

Ok, I have been gone way to long.  Time to get my blog on.  It has been an eventful last week or so.  I will be going to Ohio to run a baseball team in a month.  WooHoo, my dream career is about to start.  But, the only bad thing is there is no guaranteed money.  We can’t make it big if we always sit on the couch hoping it will knock on the door and invite itself in.  We have to take chances to achieve the unthinkable.  So, thats what I am going to do, take a chance, one of the biggest ones ever, of my life.  And, it may be the last opportunity to do so.  So, come here Mr. Bull, I got your kahunas and I am gonna run with them, wish me luck.

Oh Tiger

Well here goes Tiger, bad back an all.  Will he ever make it to that special number?  It sure looks bleak.  I mean wow, here’s a guy on top of the world and then he gets caught.  And his whole world crumbles.  Its amazing how bad that affected him.  I mean who would have thought he would fall that far.  But, there is still hope, who knows, maybe, just maybe one day he will win another major, and begin the quest again



Young Group of Hog Linebackers Working Together

Boi can’t wait till Hogs get going again next season. Coach B better do a little something this year.

Fort Smith/Fayetteville News | 5newsonline KFSM 5NEWS

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Spring practice moves forward for the Hogs, and the severe weather didn’t hinder that.

“You’re going to win some reps, you’re going to lose some other ones,” Robb Smith, defensive coordinator said. “But, I like our attitude at this point and time, and I think we’re able to go back on some things we’ve already installed and recall those things and now try to polish them up and get them to where they need to be.”

The Hogs will have an open scrimmage on Saturday, and the early portion of practice was geared toward preparing themselves for the weekend. So far the coaches like what they see, but come Saturday, they won’t be expecting a perfect game out of their players, but looking for something else.

“Don’t worry about the mistakes, don’t worry about the bust, just worry about the hustle,” Randy Shannon, linebackers coach said. “What…

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Well hell, its been a busy last few days.  Trying to play catch up on life, started two classes in my pursuit of an MBA, and trying not to stress out over life.  I don’t see how people can do it all the time.  I am ready to burst at the seams.  I think the past year has really taken a toll on this guy.  But, I press on, continue to fight the good fight and seek that dream career.  But, I will say, you can only kick a sleeping dog so many times, before it wakes up and bites you in the ass.  Me being the dog.  Looks like Ohio is in the near future.  Excited and scared all in one.  But, just another step in the process to win.  Haven’t gotten to catch up on the first 3 days of the season yet.  It might be one of those kinds of season of this guy, unfortunately.  So, I will try and keep it sports related as much as I can.  I did see the U.S. get screwed out of a friendly tonight vs. Mexico.  And there were also five walk-offs today.  Don’t think I have ever heard of that happening in one day of baseball.  Ok, well time to call it.