So, this is really it

Sometimes you just come to the realization that, what  has been staring you in the face for a while is about to really happen. The bad thing is, its been there all along and you just didn’t realize  it until it was too late. And when the realization sits in, its like  BAM, it knocks you on your arse.  Whats next?  What do you do?  Do you lay there and take it like a chump?  Or do you get up and fight?  Is it worth the fight?  It depends, depends on how far gone you are already.  Sure, everybody will say: you must fight, you got to, you must try to go on.  But, lets keep it real, some just don’t have it in them to fight.  How are they going to change if things are at their worst? Do you just let the sleeping dog sleep?  It takes a miracle to make it happen.  Some want the miracle, some just want to move on and be forgotten.  Where do you stand in the pecking order?  Where do you fall when the shit hits the fan?  Do you get up or do you roll over?

Regardless, it’s not up to us, to mettle in someone else’s affairs.  We all have our own to deal with.  Can you say that, issues you have are less than the person issues next to you?  You may think you can, but Nah, it’s not true.  No problem is bigger or lesser than the problem you have right now.  What that problem is, who knows?   But how you decide to deal with it, is the more important thing here. Do you lay there like a chump, or do you pull yourself up, dust off, and grab it by the balls and say, “I got this?”


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