Opening Day

Well here in about 7 minutes the season begins.  Where are you at?  Me, unfortunately sitting on the couch watching.  I had planned on being at one of the stadiums working, but that did not work out yet.  But, I continue the search.  One day, somebody will let me in and then I will take over from there.

Looking forward to a good season, hopefully we will see some exciting pennant chases, maybe some broken records.  Who knows, maybe well see the Cubs win the World Series.  You never know.  That’s what is great about the game, you just never know what is going   to happen.  It’s the best time of the year.




Another big payday

Mike Trout America’s next golden boy. 6 years, almost 150$ million. Here we go America, like I said two days ago, once it starts (the ridiculous contracts), it’s going to be a minute before the prices slow down. Who’s next? Thankfully Kershaw had already signed, if not, whew, it would have been a lot more. But Trout deserved it. Last year, he was the best valued player. He earned 510,000$. That comes out to 712$ an at bat. America, are you ready for the your next golden boy? He is, lets just hope that he never pee’s dirty (PED’S). Good luck Golden Boy.

Resume, what do you think?

So this is why I started this blog, to get into the career field I wanted to retire in.  So, tell me what is wrong or right with my resume?  Thanks, I don’t mind criticism, I need to learn what is good on a resume, and what is not.  This is not an exact replica, but fairly close, minus the formatting————


Executive Administrative Support | Client Executive | Event Operations

Military Veteran that is: detail oriented, a client support professional who is cross-trained in multiple operational settings. Offering more than six years’ experience in logistics, inventory, and administrative roles. Highly developed leadership skills that promote team building, has a keen sense of organizational and customer needs, and a knack for identifying process improvement opportunities that improve day-to-day operations.

Strengths include:

*Executive Support *Logistics Management *Office Management

*Customer Relations *Special Events *Project/Records Management

*Quality Assurance
 *Time Management *Risk Mitigation

Computer Software Specialties: Adobe Pro, Microsoft Office


Route Supervisor Imperial Ice, Little Rock, AR 3/2013 – Present

Controls administrative functions and logistical activities for 54 customer accounts. Establishes and maintains current and new customer accounts in a database. Manages route budgets, tracking company assets and inventory, providing financial reports to upper management.

Notable Achievements

*Simultaneously planned and managed, over a dozen time-sensitive projects, providing full cycle of services, increasing revenue by 20% in 2013, third quarter.

*Acquired multiple new clients by routinely making cold-calls and following up on new leads.

Statistician Baseball Info Solutions, Pensacola, FL 7/2010 – 8/2013

Tracked and compiled games statistics for the Blue Wahoo’s and Arkansas Travelers AA minor league franchises. Game Statistics collected entered into a database, used to create scouting reports. Data collected included the number of pitches, hits, and fielded balls from more than 50 games. Competency measured by the accuracy of data collected against the statistics compiled by the official scorer. Management duties included facilitating the new hire training classes, providing instructions on use of software to compile game data.

Notable Achievements

*90% average score per game.


Executive Administrative Support U.S. Navy, Pensacola, FL 8/2010-5/2013

Provided high-level administrative support for three executive military officers. Received and processed electronic medical records; coded diagnosis, requested additional information, and complied with government laws on handling, filing, and destruction of files. Other duties included: developing and implementing policies, established and maintained communications with various government entities,

Notable Achievements

*Served as main liaison, servicing over 19,000 customers worldwide. Maintained a database on all members, provided full cycle service on electronic medical records submitted for approval. *Designed a new filing and tracking system to reduce productivity lag. Resulted in a 66% increase in efficiency and the company reduced a 120-day backlog in 95 days.

*Routinely opened lines of communication with specialists, field experts, and assistants in over 54 facilities worldwide and received information for record-keeping and treatment purposes.

Logistics Management U.S. Navy, Portsmouth, VA 1/2008 -8/2010

Maintained inventory of a 342-bed hospital’s medical supply provided administrative support in: issuing, correcting, and adjusting inventory in automated software. Assisted in procurement procedures. Oversaw performance of, Quality Assurance (QA) on all assets validating accuracy of employee accounting. Filled phone requested orders, transported or dispatched needed supplies or equipment. Coordinated shipments and developed files for 55 customers worldwide for verification and tracking purposes.

Notable Achievements

*Achieved 100% inventory accuracy on 507 line items, including classified “high usage items”, reducing shrinkage by 22%.

*Recognized and awarded for superior customer service, provided to over 55 organizations and clients, while issuing over 170,000 requisitions.



B.S., Management 2013 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Master of Business Administration, Sports Management 2015 Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH


Medical Administrative Training, Great Lakes, IL 2012

Logistics Management, Meridian, MS 2008


*Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, U.S. Navy 2013

Awarded for sustained performance, professional achievements, and leadership ability.

*Good Conduct Medal, US Navy 2011

For three consecutive years of commended work history

*Blue Jacket of the Quarter, U.S. Navy 2012 & 2010

Awarded multiple times for, display of core values of: Honor, Courage, and Commitment

So, this is really it

Sometimes you just come to the realization that, what  has been staring you in the face for a while is about to really happen. The bad thing is, its been there all along and you just didn’t realize  it until it was too late. And when the realization sits in, its like  BAM, it knocks you on your arse.  Whats next?  What do you do?  Do you lay there and take it like a chump?  Or do you get up and fight?  Is it worth the fight?  It depends, depends on how far gone you are already.  Sure, everybody will say: you must fight, you got to, you must try to go on.  But, lets keep it real, some just don’t have it in them to fight.  How are they going to change if things are at their worst? Do you just let the sleeping dog sleep?  It takes a miracle to make it happen.  Some want the miracle, some just want to move on and be forgotten.  Where do you stand in the pecking order?  Where do you fall when the shit hits the fan?  Do you get up or do you roll over?

Regardless, it’s not up to us, to mettle in someone else’s affairs.  We all have our own to deal with.  Can you say that, issues you have are less than the person issues next to you?  You may think you can, but Nah, it’s not true.  No problem is bigger or lesser than the problem you have right now.  What that problem is, who knows?   But how you decide to deal with it, is the more important thing here. Do you lay there like a chump, or do you pull yourself up, dust off, and grab it by the balls and say, “I got this?”

30 Million, Hmmmm

Is anybody worth 30 million a year, I don’t so. But evidently, the whole baseball world believes Miguel Cabrera is worth that. Just think 30 million a year for 8 years, get out of here, that’s stupid. Well we will just raise ticket prices to help foot the bill. Oh yeah that hot dug an hummer,went up to 18.00$ now. Now that Miguel has gotten it, many more will follow. When will the madness stop? They should make a salary cap of what you can play a ballplayer each year. Five million, that’s enough to get me and you over that hump, and let us live. While all the players salary rise, it’s the fans that have to pay the price of the “next biggest contract”.

Nice corn rolls Miggey