Well hell, its been a busy last few days.  Trying to play catch up on life, started two classes in my pursuit of an MBA, and trying not to stress out over life.  I don’t see how people can do it all the time.  I am ready to burst at the seams.  I think the past year has really taken a toll on this guy.  But, I press on, continue to fight the good fight and seek that dream career.  But, I will say, you can only kick a sleeping dog so many times, before it wakes up and bites you in the ass.  Me being the dog.  Looks like Ohio is in the near future.  Excited and scared all in one.  But, just another step in the process to win.  Haven’t gotten to catch up on the first 3 days of the season yet.  It might be one of those kinds of season of this guy, unfortunately.  So, I will try and keep it sports related as much as I can.  I did see the U.S. get screwed out of a friendly tonight vs. Mexico.  And there were also five walk-offs today.  Don’t think I have ever heard of that happening in one day of baseball.  Ok, well time to call it.